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East Orange County Accidents

Accidents in East Orange County – BCC meeting – 11/18/2014

Before you start my timer I want to say that I am continually amazed at the service I receive from Orange County when I make requests of the staff in every department. The level of customer service is outstanding and I am always greeted with smiles and a willingness to assist. Everyone I meet does an outstanding job and this time I want to give special thanks to Ruby Rozier in the traffic department for her help in gathering the information I am going to show you. Thank you for creating this atmosphere throughout the Orange County organization.

My name is Richard Mueller and I live at 14366 Stamford Circle, Orlando 32826.

Today I am here to talk about East Orange County and specifically the alarming amount of accidents on several roadway in the area. I know there are major developments in the application cycle now that if approved will add to this already escalating problem. Approving these developments without a concrete plan to accommodate the increased level of traffic that will be on the roadways before the shovels hit the ground would not be a responsible action.

East Orange County Accidents

East Orange County Accidents

This map shows accidents that have occurred over the past two years. The purple line is the dividing line between the USA and the RSA. This area is somewhat unique as the area I am showing you overlaps the USA and RSA so as a result the roads have not received the funding they deserves as most are in the RSA and improvements have not kept up with the demand.

I live on McCulloch Road in the subdivision of University Estates. In just two years on a one mile stretch of a 2-lane road there have been 105 accidents. I am here today to bring this severe safety issue to the forefront of your minds.

I want to highlight some key points on this map:

You might think that the accidents on McCulloch are mostly UCF traffic but that is not the case. All cars parked at UCF must have a parking sticker. I counted the stickers on the cars driving down McCulloch at rush hour and you might be surprised to hear that only 1 car in 10 have a sticker which means these are commuters going somewhere else. I believe these are people trying to avoid the jams on Hwy 50 and taking rural roads as an alternative route.

Another key point is the Hwy 50 expansion. We all know that once the 6-lane expansion is complete it will still not adequately accommodate the traffic demand. The key to fixing this whole traffic problem is to focus commuter traffic onto the main arterial roads and off the rural roads. To do that commuters must make the decision that it is faster and easier for them to take the main roads. 6-laning Hwy 50 will not accomplish this goal consequently keeping commuters on the rural roads.

You need money to fix the problem and as an uninformed casual observer, I was perplexed when I watched the segment on Orange TV of the Sept 23rd BCC meeting where it appeared the board effectively gave away $800,000 in impact fees by delaying the impact fee increase by 4 months.  That money could have been used to help fix these roadways.

We need help out here in East Orange County and adding 5,000 more homes with commercial property is not going in the right direction. I would ask that we somehow find a way to allocate funding to fix our existing traffic issues before approving any more development.








Lake Pickett

Lake Pickett Property Update

This was posted to the SaveOrangeCounty Facebook site on Nov 13th, 2014.

On the related subject of zoning, the Lake Pickett properties have floated to the surface again and are in the process at Orange County. These applications are very similar to the ones that we were able to prevent last year. It is the same story with a different name; 5,000 homes with commercial and high density housing and 10,000 more cars on the roadways.


Momentum is building and now is the time to contact our commissioner, Commissioner Edwards
(http://www.orangecountyfl.net/?tabid=1036) (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Commissioner-Ted-B-Edwards/109352815808210), and make your opinion known. Send emails and letters to him expressing your opinion and do it often.


In a short time a community meeting is going to be announced and you need to be there to voice your opinion. The meeting will probably be sometime in December so make plans to attend. With maximum attendance at these meetings, Orange County must take notice and it is the will of the people that will decide this outcome. In the Orlando Sentinel today, Commissioner Jennifer Thompson (http://www.orangecountyfl.net/?tabid=1035) (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jennifer-Thompson-Orange-County-Commissioner-for-District-4/176554592368211) was quoted saying, “”When you do zoning, it’s all about compatibility with the people who were there first”. It is up to us to make our voice heard and ensure our future. If we do not speak out now, there is no one to blame but ourselves.


Personally, I am not against development or people being able to use their land as they see fit but I certainly am against THIS development as Orange County has no infrastructure now or planned to support a development of this size because they do not have the money to fund it. Until Orange County explains how we will get to work on time with 10,000 more cars on the road, we simply cannot allow this to pass and add that many more cars to the rural roadways. In the upcoming meetings, I do not want to hear about bike paths and hiking trails intertwined with wonderful parks and lakes. I want to know how Orange County is going to get us to work on time with all these new people moving in clogging up the roadways. That needs to be the focus of the community meeting, not conceptual plans of what is inside these developments. Now is time to get involved! LIKE this if you agree!